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Jessica Riehl Photography is deeply committed to preserving our environment and creating a sustainable future. The resources we now enjoy are not endless. It is vitally important that we come together and do what we can now to ensure our children the same opportunity to enjoy Nature. Every little thing, no matter how small, does in fact help. My educational background includes a B.S. in Environmental Science from Oregon State University and a Masters of Environmental Science and Policy from John Hopkins University. This education has enabled me analyze my impact and reduce my carbon footprint. To that end, I have implemented the following practices in my business:

Conserving Our Forests

•     JRP has partnered with a one of the few professional photography labs that is committed to, “their investment toward making the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our lab energy use neutral” and has an environmental impact statement that addresses all aspects of their operations.  Through this company, JRP is able to offer recycled options for press printed products.

•     JRP offers eco-friendly album options: printing on 100% recycled paper and vegan album covers.

•     Digital photography, proofing, and file storage saves a countless amount of photo processing chemicals and photo printing paper.

•     All office supplies and packing materials at JRP are either recyclable, reused, or both.

Conserving Energy

•     By choosing to have a home office, JRP avoids excess energy consumption by not needing to maintain a separate retail space or have a daily commute.

•     The little things matter at JRP: we are meticulous about turning off unused equipment and lights, and setting heating and air conditioning to an absolute minimum. Currently, we only have one light on during the day!

•     If JRP is traveling to meet a client, they make the trip efficient by seeking other photographic opportunities in the area.

Reducing Waste

•     JRP reduces waste by buying equipment to last, eliminating the need to replace outdated or broken items.  JRP further limits waste by using hard drives instead of CDs to store images, and using rechargeable batteries.

•     The waste philosophy at JRP is, “refuse, reduce, re-use, then recycle.”  Even electronic waste is properly recycled through a local company.


•     JRP is committed to working with local companies with similar environmental ethics whenever possible.

•     JRP is committed to educating peers and clients about green photography and business options.

•     JRP gives back to the community through community organizing, mentoring, my military tribute program, charitable contributions, workshop offerings and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. JRP understands that operating a green and sustainable business is a journey, not a destination and has developed a “green” plan to aid in the journey.

If you are interested in having me consult with your business to “green it”, please use the contact form to let me know. Or, if you have a question specifically about JRP’s efforts, just email!

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