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Jaime From VA

My dear friend Jaime came up this past weekend to enjoy the delights of Saratoga County in the summer. As a trained ballerina, coming toView full post »

Play Date With JRP

These wonderful kiddos came over to the studio for a play date with me. We had so much fun!  Their mom even signed up for privateView full post »

{Liz and John}

I photographed Liz and John back in December on honest to goodness the coldest day ever!!!! John is in the Navy, so this was a wonderful andView full post »

{Thrift Store Fashion Show}

I recently did a piece for Alt Daily called Thrift Store Fashion Show to promote the environmentally friendly shopping and using the areaView full post »

{Jess and Hawley :: The Wedding}

Jess and Hawley are hitched! I had a fabulous experience photographing their wedding in Williamsburg.  The wedding was beautiful, but whatView full post »

{Katy and Adam}

I had a fabulous time photographing Adam and Katy! Katy and Adam called me because they wanted to celebrate their anniversary this year withView full post »

{Jess and Hawley}

I am really excited to be photographing the wedding of Jess and Hawley.  I flew to Snowmass, Co a month ago to photograph their engagementView full post »

{Adrian and Christina}

I am so behind in my blogging! So now it is my sworn duty to catch up. I am trying out a new slideshow format, so you have to let me know ifView full post »

{Child Safety House Calls}

If you are a parent and you don’t know about Child Safety House Calls…you need to.  Child Safety House Calls is a businessView full post »

{ Jude }

Super heros make the world go round and round and you can never have too many in your life. Super  “J”, aka Jude,  is noView full post »

{Jac Is Here}

It’s a beautiful day and I am meeting another lovely ray of sunshine.  This one has luscious big lips, blond hair, and baby rolls toView full post »