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Just have a quick question? Need some advice on what to buy? Not sure how you screwed up that photo? Have a big event coming up and want to know how best to photograph? Having trouble photographing your kids? One question or one image critique for $20.

What could you possibly ask?
1. How do I turn my camera on (just kidding)?
2. What did I do wrong in this picture?
3. What camera should I buy?
4. How do I crop in Photoshop?
5. I have three kids and can’t get them to sit still for a minute, what should I do?
6. What’s your personal preference for online photo printing?
7. How do I get started taking photos?
8. I want to do something special for my parent’s birthday with the kids photos, what should I do?
9. How did you get started?
10. Do you think this lens is a good investment?

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