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  • Welcome. Friendship, love and simplicity are at the heart of my photography. I’ve been fortunate to photograph the weddings, babies, and families of many of my close friends. These are dear memories and experiences. When I am allowed into your life, something truly special happens. My photographs become more meaningful and distinctive. You won’t find props or backdrops, instead you’ll find favorite toys, places, and clothing. Every now and then, you’ll see an antique chair, couch or stool that is a beloved piece from my family. We’ll photograph the everyday experiences of your children or family. Those fleeting moments that become etched into your memory. I love the quiet in-between moments, young explorations, and sheer joy of childhood.

    I’ve had a wandering path through my photographic career as we have moved with the Navy. We are now settled in our new home in Tigard, Oregon. On these pages, you’ll find old and new adventures. Join me and welcome to this Riehl Life.

    Your friend,

Don’t Try This At Home…

From the archives…

Two years ago, my neighbor and friend Donna, asked me to photograph her grand children. She wanted to get all of her babies into one photo. There are five under the age of two. We kept having scheduling conflicts since they live in three different states and my traveling schedule was packed.  We finally found 25 minutes on a Monday afternoon after naps and before dinner. Our mission was on!

The Dad’s grabbed the couch from the house, the Mom’s straightened out wardrobe, grandma entertained and a friend helped act as safety coordinator.  What resulted was the craziest 20 minutes of photography I’ve ever had. It was so much fun, but it definitely required all hands to help entertain and watch for last minute escapees.

I am so thrilled I was able to capture this moment for Donna! She was the neighbor you always wanted; waiting with a hot cup of coffee and a wonderful sweet treat to lift your spirits on any day. She also sent leftovers my way. I miss her dearly now that I am in Oregon and she’s in New York. I look back at these photos and fondly remember how we bonded at her kitchen table. One of these days I’ll find myself at her kitchen table.


Mass MOCA is awesome. Simply awesome. Jamie and I headed over for a jolt of creative adrenaline and lots of inspiration.  We had so much fun interacting with the art and playing within the space. My absolute favorite was Sol LeWitt, the colors and lines just excite me, I guess. That is the easiest way to put it.  If you have the opportunity and are close enough to visit Mass MOCA, you should definitely go. Here’s their website:

The artists are: Katharina Grosse: One Floor Up More Highly (spray paint), Sol LeWitt: A Wall Drawing Retrospective (lines and color), and Natalie Jereminjenko with Tree Logic (upside down trees).



  • Jaime - Wow, these photos are beyond stunning!

  • Court - I took Dad to Mass MOCA way back in the day. Pretty cool.

Jaime From VA

My dear friend Jaime came up this past weekend to enjoy the delights of Saratoga County in the summer. As a trained ballerina, coming to Saratoga was like taking a pilgrimage. We went to the National Museum of Dance and two ballets at SPAC by the NYC ballet. I learned all about ballet; the people, the steps, different choreographers, the costumes, and schools. Jaime was a wealth of knowledge and she teaches ballet in Virginia Beach. I have a whole new appreciation for ballet now.

This photo was taken at the City Tavern after our trip to the top for a beer.

  • Jaime - Thank you so much for everything, Jess; it was such a marvelous weekend! I can’t wait to visit you guys again! xoxo

Jessi Arrington | TED Talk

I absolutely love TED talks! Whenever I need a little inspiration or reasons to change up my routine, I browse TED. I really love Jessi Arrington’s thoughts about used clothing. She provides great motivation for going out and shopping at a thrift store or consignment store. She also talks about beauty, clothes, personal style and self confidence. I love that she says, “just be who you are” and “embrace your inner child!”.